Clear Aligners


Invisalign is a custom designed and fabricated series of clear aligners that are worn in succession to incrementally move your teeth to create your individualized new smile.  Treatment starts with a digital scan of your teeth using our “impression free” Itero Scanner (“no more goop”). From this scan Dr. Bolton can within minutes give you a glimpse of your potential future smile. If you like what you see he will further customize the digital road map to plan and oversee the movement of your every tooth from beginning to end creating your new beautiful smile. Not only is Invisalign less noticeable than traditional braces it makes brushing and flossing much easier to maintain a healthy smile. It also virtually eliminates dietary restrictions so you can continue to enjoy the foods and treats you love and is proven to shorten the overall treatment time length while decreasing the number of office visits.  Click here to learn more about Invisalign treatment plans.


 Now that’s something even our younger patients can benefit from hence the growing percentage of our teens selecting Invisalign over traditional braces to achieve their ideal smile. No need to skip the popcorn at the movies anymore.



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