Orthodontics Before and After Photo Gallery

Crossbite Initial

Crossbite Final

Crowding Initial

Crowding Final

Deep Bite Initial

Deep Bite Final

Ectopic Canines Initial

Ectopic Canines Final

High Canines Initial

High Canines Final

Impacted Palatal Canines Initial

Impacted Palatal Canines Final

Impacted Palatal Canines Occlusal Initial

Impacted Palatal Canines Occlusal Final

Invisalign 1 Initial

Invisalign 1 Final

Invisalign 2 Initial

Invisalign 2 Final

Invisalign 3 Initial

Invisalign 3 Final

Missing Laterals Initial

Missing Laterals Final

Single Tooth Crossbite Initial

Single Tooth Crossbite Final

Spacing Initial

Spacing Final

Spacing Case #2 Initial

Spacing Case #2 Final

Underbite Initial

Underbite Final

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